Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Peaches, Cream and Fake Tan.

So I just had a Red Bull and a Red Apple.
The apple tasted much better and cost me R15 less. I know, right? R2.50 for an apple? Bugger me with a fish fork. But the point of the matter of the fact is that why why why did I buy a Red Bull? I feel completely unstable now. I might just verbally abuse you right now.

I think, or at least my 1300 gram brain seems to convince me of such that I overthink. But now my internet browser is telling me that 'overthink' isn't a word, so what exactly is overthinking if it's not even a Firefox-approved word? What is the correct amount of thinking? Is there some sort of line you cross when one over thinks? Did I cross it now by using 'one'? Probably.
But my god. thinking is so important. I won't be going into elitist mode here, but there's a dangerous amount of unthinking humans out there. You might be one of them. Only you will know. or maybe not even you, since you're not thinking.

You're probably saying to yourself (or your monitor) that "'this bozo doesn't know me! I think all the time!" I'm sure you do, really. Like, about what colour shirt you'll be wearing tonight. A pink one? or a salmon one? Try the strawberry one. and pop that collar like it's no one's business. god damn!

What I'm referring to with 'not thinking' is the intense lack of reasonable and rational thought in our seemingly sophisticated little world. Try and imagine a world without a glimpse of rationality anywhere near you. Stellenbosch is a perfect example. I know I know. "heaven on earth". " 'n kleine bietjie ou Zuid Afrika". Hou vas Johanna! Hierdie swarras wil my grond he!
Give me a break. ok, it's pretty here. we have mountains and like, you know, other cool things. But this place is like a giant bear trap. or boer trap, if that's the kind of thing you're into.

But I actually do love it here. So my only criticism of this rather gorgeous place is its people. Pleasant people I assure you! Kind, Happy and Traditional. Nothing wrong with that! But the comforts of Stellenbosch can lead to trouble. It doesn't prepare you for the real world. Have you seen that movie Bubble Boy? or what about The Truman Show? it's all relevant here.
It's far more dangerous to live in Stellenbosch than in the fabled Hillbrow, since the temptation of staying in this dream world filled with a majority of rather closed minded people is so great. Yeah, okay, it's probably like that with any small town. but maybe I don't want to see Stellenbosch as just another small town. This is no Kroonstad. No Klerksdorp. You know what, sure, live the dream here man! it's all good! just don't drool on me. But I would like to assure the People of Stellenbosch that there is a way out! It's called the N2!

Okay enough moaning and groaning for one day. I think there's some sort of message in this. It's probably about 'thinking' or some bullshit. whatever. Have a nice afternoon. Go and ponder about things. like your existence, or your nails.