Monday, 03 November 2008

Why Choose Morrissey?

Morrissey is what most would call a loved man. When this bloke is on stage, he is god. The mortals in the pit are unfazed by his controversial antics and offensive nature. They sacrifice their lives just for a chance to touch this holy man. It's actually pretty weird to see. But the weirdest thing about it? I'd probably do it too.

What makes him so special though? He's an adamant supporter of the idiotic PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and he even went as far as to put his anti-meat ideas onto The Smiths' second album "Meat is Muder",which isn't ideal for getting new fans in a predominatly meat loving world, y'know. His lyrics don't really help his cause very much, either. They're mostly gloom-ridden and terribly sad. Dealing with, like, being lonely and...sad...and depressed. Expect to hear lots of crying, dying, lying, sighing rhymes. Sure, a lot of people can relate to that, but a HELL of a lot can't, which makes this world wide fasination with Morrissey even more bizarre.

Eventhough it can be REALLY depressing, you can't really ignore the fact that his lyrics are some of the best out there. His solo career spawned some of his best:
She told me she loved me
Which means she must be insane
I've had my face dragged
In fifteen miles of shit
And I do not
And I do not
And I do not like it
So how can anybody say
They know how I feel
The only one around here who is me
Is me

How can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel, You Are The Quarry, 2004
So he's big headed, hypocritical and sometimes even a bit rude and still people admire, love, adore and worship him.
Weird, isn't it? but maybe this is how it should be. Why do we always focus on personal irrelevancies when it comes to the talent? It shouldn't even be a issue that he hates fur coats, meat, the Queen and sometimes, life.
We like him because of his music and words, and I think for us fans, that's more than enough.


Don't know The Smiths/Morrissey? check out these albums:

The Smiths:
The Smiths (1984)
The Queen is Dead (1986)
Louder Than Bombs (1987)

Morrissey (solo):
You Are The Quarry (2004)
Viva Hate (1988)
Vauxhall and I (1994)

Sunday, 02 November 2008

Featured Photographer: Marie Hochhaus

Now that we live in the 21st century, anyone with eyes and a trigger finger can be a photographer. This is great, sure, but it also means that the market is flooded with mediocrity and even of Converse shoes! The market needs help and Marie Hochhaus, a young, imaginative and incredibly talented photographer from Germany, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Her vibrant, moody and professional take on portrait photography make her work stand out from the rest.
Only 21 years old, Marie has already made an impact with her work and has held exhibitions around her hometown of Hamburg.

You can view her work on her WEBSITE , or on her deviantART

Photos of Obama

Barrack Obama will probably be the next US president (hooray!), but he might consider becoming a part-time model as well.

Time Magazine photographer CALLIE SHELL took some great photos of Obama and his family during the campaign trail. have a look HERE

How to be a Homosapien without being like the other Homosapiens

You're so ______ right now
Nuh uh,you're like totally ______
Why don't you sod off and go be ________ somewhere else.

It's not hard to find a word that fits in there, is it? Sure, you can probably get any word in there (maybe even 'Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism' which is an actual word, I've learned), but what I'm talking about here are those little pesky label things we kids are so obsessed with.
(if Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism didn't work for you...try 'indie')

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that being boxed in isn't fun at all. It's actually rather uncomfortable and it can get kind of awkward, for all parties involved. Maybe this is just a load of liberal jumbo bumbo, but being labeled/pigeon-holed/boxed-in SUCKS. It's never even close to the truth and it kicks that 'I'm an individual' thingy right in the skinny jeans-vacuumed balls.
Yeah, it sounds like something Andy Warhol found in a fortune cookie, but you are indeed an individual. You may be so totally indie or arty or hXc or post-rock or post-prog or post-office right now, but that doesn't make it tr00.(metulz!) Just because you like Napoleon Dynamite and The Strokes does not make you iiiiindie. and be happy about that! because nothing sucks more than being stereotyped. and that's exactly what these labels are. stereotypes.

yeah yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah, maybe you want to be pigeon-holed. like a little mold you oh so dearly want to fit into. I AM INDIE! I AM ARTY! I AM EMO! but then you'll end up being like this guy:
batteries not included.

hmm. Let that be lesson to you.
Come on! humans! be individuals! Go and slip on a tutu and listen to Strapping Young Lad! put on corpse paint at a Rihanna concert!

After all this yelling I feel a bit knackered. I guess I just wanted to let you all know that you can in fact be whatever the fuck you want. Get a sex-change if that's what you want/need, or just a toffee apple if you like the sweeter things in life. yum yum rawr rawr.