Friday, 25 January 2008

music for your ear


yes. depeche mode.
a gay group of men they are not. and of course, here I mean 'gay' in that 'happy' way.

Martin L. Gore is a very sad man. I don't know why he is so upset with this life thing, but to be honest, his sorrow makes me very happy. So Mr. Gore, thank you for being such an emo poopie, because you've certainly written some of the coolest music ever.

Choosing my favourite depeche mode album is certainly not an easy task. therefor, I won't be doing it. kthx.


a revelation!

a renaissance man, god, call him what you will. I call him Mike Patton, because that's his name.
He is mostly famous for his work with that band Faith No More. They made this one song called Epic, and yes, it is pretty epic. They made one or two other songs as well, but they were not as epic as epic.
So while Patton
was playing with his Faith No More bandy, he was making noise with Mr. Bungle,
his ??? project.

I say ???, because every album differs. the first one being very circus-metally, the second being very oceany, the third being very
Hawaii...y. Mr. Bungle shot the man to experimental fame, putting his name on every crazy person's chewed-up lips. Since the late 90's he's released more music than any other person on the planet. this is a fact. no need to look it up.

Check out: Mr. Bungle - California
Faith No More - Angel Dust
Fantomas - Director's Cut
Tomahawk - Tomahawk


she likes to boogie. me too!

She's british! she's hot! Her rhombus face may upset, even disturb younglings, but once you can handle the sheer beauty of that jawline, no war or genocide or aids-ridden baby could possibly upset you.

I'm not saying it's all about her looks. No no. Ever since Murder on the Dancefloor graced...well, da
ncefloors, I've been hooked. but never have I had the courage to get an album of hers. Until recently. The urge was too great, and I downloaded her latest album, 'Trip the Light Fantastic'. Expecting poppy dancey pop dance music, I was not left disappointed. Let this be a lesson to you all. If you want something gay, think about it for a few years, then do it.

Go ears! embrace!

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